Former TEACH Ambassador Delves into African Wealth Creation Trends

Entrepreneur and author is committed to development on the continent.

Former TEACH Ambassador Mothupi Kgopa is an entrepreneur and author. His debut book “African Wealth: Paradigm Shift” was launched on the 30th November at Scoops, Monte Casino.The book looks at consumption mentality and wealth acquisition in Africa. It delves into the historical consumption patterns and traditional beliefs which Kgopa believes limits African wealth accumulation. It also addresses the day to day challenges facing today’s African working and middle classes, such as lack of assets and inheritance, and suggests ways in which these individuals can acquire wealth, savings and self-sufficiency via investments in franchises, property, stocks and manufacturing.

The book also covers an issue which Kgopa observed closely whilst working in schools as a TEACH Ambassador- nutrition and over consumption. Health and food production have had a huge impact on today’s African society. Kgopa explains “Back in the day there were never such issues as diabetes and obesity due to sugar consumption. These health issues are one of the greatest threats to African society. You are what you eat”.Kgopa’s journey through a varied career path inspired him to write his book “African Wealth: Paradigm Shift”. After studying Media and Maths at Wits University he found it difficult to secure employment, so decided to take the initiative and start up a newspaper “Loxion Connect”. Initially he had very little idea about running a newspaper but learned that with gumption and determination you can make anything work. He later sold the company and set up another publication “High School Times”, which was nominated as a finalist in FNB’s Seda Business Competition. After selling “Loxion Connect” Kgopa decided to follow a life long interest in education and applied to join TEACH.

Teaching Mathematics and Science at Thuto Lesedi Secondary School provided him with a unique insight into consumer patterns and also ignited his passion for teaching. “Having previously been my own boss I looked at how myself, my colleagues and the parents of our students were entirely reliant on our wages and how we were not saving properly. It was a different type of world from where I had previously come from. I also noticed how pupils were eating badly at home. Free school food was so much healthier than what they were receiving at home. This was impacting their education”.

From working closely with kids he also saw how high levels of consumption and the desire for material possessions and instant gratification were getting in the way of their personal progress- a key theme which he addresses within “African Wealth: Paradigm Shift”Inspired by working in education, in 2012 Mothupi moved on from TEACH to working at HeyMath!, a software platform which implements maths teaching in South African schools. He currently travels the country overseeing the implementation of the software and training of teachers.Next June he plans to focus on his education company, which will provide software and teaching aids in primary schools. He explains, “My goal is always to get mathematics right in schools. The challenges in high school originate from primary schools where the teaching historically hasn’t been great. It’s key to give kids a good start and the best possible base from which to work from. I’d like to set up a teacher training program, for which I could create study guides, teaching tools and software. Initially I’d like to target low performing schools but then to work up to cover as many schools as possible”.

“African Wealth: Paradigm Shift” is available for R150 at:

*The book launch, 30th November, 6pm-9pm Skoobs Theatre Of Books, Monte Casino. (Skoobs will continue to stock the book after launch).

*Via the TEACH website.

*Available soon as an e-book on Amazon, Loot and other online platforms.

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