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TEACH South Africa (TEACH) is a non-profit organisation that aims to respond to challenges in the education sector. By recruiting, training, placing and supporting excellent young graduates, TEACH SA improves the quality in education for every child in South Africa irrespective of their socio-economic background.


To address Mathematics, Science and Language learner performance in primary and secondary schools TEACH attracts university graduates in these subjects to teach and lead as TEACH Ambassadors for two years in disadvantaged schools in South Africa. Besides, the graduates (TEACH Ambassadors) are encouraged to pursue a career in education and where possible the completion of a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) is facilitated during their teaching engagement.

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If you would like to assist us with our work by donating, please deposit the TEACH South Africa PayFast account

Youth Employment

The TEACH recruitment and placement process offers graduates an opportunity to gain work experience, whilst ‘giving back’ to communities across the country. The nature of the roles in which they involve prepares them to rely on their initiative, be innovative in finding solutions to various challenges and take responsibility at a young age. Graduates are offered real-world experience at competitive starting salaries that prepare them for the world of work

Teach reach

Since 2009 TEACH has recruited, trained and placed 478 TEACH Ambassadors in 186 schools across seven provinces. The Teach South Africa footprint has shown positive growth between the years of 2009-2015. This has been as a result of the incredible work of our capable TEACH ambassadors across every province in the country.

The total number of TEACH Ambassadors placed in schools during this time has risen to 340; we are confident in the continuation of these levels of growth in the future.

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