Our Operational Model

Our Unique Approach

Our Intervention to Achieve Mission Success

What makes TEACH South Africa different from other intervention programmes? What drives the TEACH Academy?

  • Self-selection
  • Role models
  • Content knowledge
  • Ambassador Induction Programme
  • The Post-Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE)
  • The Alumni Community
  • Friends of TEACH Network
  • Who are our partners to solve the problem?


  • Recruitment: We recruit the most highly sought-after graduates in STEM from leading South African universities.
  • Selection and Placement: We apply a rigorous model to identify demonstrated leaders who will excel and significantly impact their learner’s academic achievement.
  • Training Academy: We provide an intensive pre-service training programme to equip Ambassadors with pedagogical knowledge, classroom management, and values in education to be highly effective teachers.
  • Ongoing Support: We provide a formal cycle of ongoing and psychosocial support to the Ambassadors throughout their two-year commitment.
  • Whole School Development: We assist schools in identifying areas of need and along with strategic partners help to build the capacity of the school.
  • Alumni Network: We foster ongoing leadership development and engagement by connecting alumni with each other and opportunities to grow their impact further.


  • Recruitment: To build a pipeline of talented STEM graduates to be considered for the TEACH SA Academy programme
  • Selection and Placement: To select a cohort of Ambassadors who will be exceptional teachers that will be placed at underperforming and under-resouced schools
  • Training Academy: To train skilled and capable Ambassadors that will be ready to enter the world of teaching at their placement schools
  • Ongoing Support: To provide an effective support system to ensure the success of Ambassadors in their school community
  • Whole School Development: To enhance and support the building of capacity and support programmes in schools through Legacy Projects
  • Alumni Network: To have active and engaged Ambassadors contribute towards the success of TEACH and the schools in its network