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An Integrated Programme.

The ongoing support programme builds on the professional and specialisation modules TEACH Ambassadors receive during the Training Academy. TEACH Ambassadors continue receiving in-service training over their two years, during the public-school holidays and on selected weekends, as well as continuous support in the form of mentorship. This ongoing support provides TEACH Ambassadors with skills to advance their careers whether they want to remain educators or move into other sectors such as business or government. Regularly scheduled meetings are held to ensure that the TEACH Ambassadors are receiving the support they need and that they are making a positive impact on learner achievement. The meetings also serve as an opportunity for TEACH Ambassadors to develop a team-oriented culture and build an alumni movement that is committed to fighting education inequality for years to come

Future Planning

In addition to technical training, related specifically to enhancing their teaching skills, each TEACH Ambassador is expected to identify a need in their school community and develop a project plan to address this need. The ongoing support team helps the TEACH Ambassadors as they implement their plans to bring lasting change to the schools where they work


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Ongoing support in year one:

In year one the ongoing support programme focuses on the development of the TEACH Ambassador as a professional and subject/learning area expert. The following synopsis describes some of the planned activities: Some of the planned activities include:

  1. School visits
  2. Classroom mentoring
  3. Identifying and supporting learners with special needs

Ongoing Support in Year Two:

School visits, classroom mentoring, learning area/subject workshops and All TEACH Ambassador meetings continue throughout the two-year programme. Some extra planned activities include:

  1. Collecting student achievement data, analysis and implementation of remediation and enrichment strategies
  2. Reflection and debriefing
  3. Alumni development

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