Overcoming classroom challenges with Lehlogonolo Matlakala

Solomon Ortiz once said that: “teaching is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.” Ms. Matlakala became a TEACH Ambassador in 2016 after obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Geology from the University of Limpopo.

The training provided by TEACH South Africa gave her a starting point that prepared her for the teaching opportunity of overcoming the challenges that new teachers face in the classroom. The follow up provided by on-going support gave her solid support and she always looked forward to them and appreciated the value they brought into her ability to provide quality education and maneuver around work challenges to find the best solutions.

Ms. Matlakala was placed at Masithwalisane Secondary School in the Gauteng region in 2016, teaching Grade 8. On her arrival she realized that the greatest challenge to teachers’ ability to provide quality education to learners was the general lack of resources. The second challenge was learners that struggled to read and write at secondary school. The highlight to teaching for her was watching these learners grow and excel academically. Overcoming the challenges that hinder their growth required her to use the resources available at her disposal to the best of her ability to provide her learners with quality education, not only limited to the curriculum but also building their self confidence in the curriculum subjects.

There she fell in love with the teaching profession and realized the great impact that teachers have in shaping of the young minds of learners for success. She was fulfilled and thus her purpose to continue bringing positive change in her learners’ academic success pushed her to obtain her PGCE from UNISA.

Ms. Matlakala received a permanent post at Sesogole Sepeke Secondary School in Limpopo following her commitment to TEACH South Africa as a TEACH Ambassador.

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